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VFX Solutions.


HIGH RISK Credit Card Processing Services.

Credit Card Processing Services are provided by VFX CCP Service Providers.

VFX offers Credit Card Processing Services for high risk clients..

Check out our rates: As low as 4.0% Service Fees.

VFX will pay you daily, weekly or monthly after the first 21 days.

Take advantage of the cash flow with daily payouts.

Choose to use weekly or monthly payouts to save on fund transfer fees.

Our Credit Card Processing Services are specifically for high risk clients..

Credit Card Processing Services are provided by VFX CCP Service Providers.

Submit your Request for involvement now!

Payout cycle:

VFX will pay you Weekly or Monthly.

Payouts can also be authorized at preset floor limits. Minimum: $500.00.

VFX Rates

Rates for Credit Card Processing: 4% to 13.9%.

Add on Rates will apply for requested additional services.

VFX Disbursement Procedures.

VFX will collect all credit cards processing revenue and disburse these funds to your designated bank account minus the Service Providers Fees.

You will always have a deposited balance for 21 days on account until the account is closed.

Processing charges, charge backs and refunds are deducted from this reserve. 

VFX Direct bank to bank transfer.

Direct to any international bank account -or- US/CAN domestic accounts.

Express Disbursement Services are available OAC (on approved credit.)

VFX Debit Card Providers.

An easy, convenient, secure and inexpensive way to pay your affiliates, models, contractors or employees.

Procedure for Involvement.

1. Submit Request for Quote.

2. Execute Service Provider Processing Agreement.

3. Complete the Implementation Process.

4. Refer to Earn Program. Earn up to 10% Referral Fees.

Credit Card Processing Transactions processed through VFX Service Providers.

Submit your Request for Quote Now!!


Call Centre: 1 866 927 4441. 

VFX Rates as of March 01, 2019

VFX Rates Rates for Credit Card Processing: 4% to 13.9%.

Processing Volume. ($500.00 - $100,000.00 USD/CAN Gross/Week)

VFX Credit Card Processing - Products and Services.

Virtual Terminal

Enter your customer's credit card information and authorize the payment in real-time, using your desktop or notebook computer.

Our secure online portal allows you to process payments immediately anywhere you have an Internet connection. Perfect for businesses that don't require a physical terminal.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Terminal. Improve Client Satisfaction

Provide a simple payment solution that is also secure. Your clients will appreciate the flexibility and convenience of being able to pay using a credit card.   

Secure - PCI Compliant Our virtual terminal is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant for full security including end-to-end encryption. You never have to store credit card information locally, giving your customers full peace of mind.

Robust Online Reporting Keep a tab on your success. Access your always up-to-date merchant account statements directly online. You can also download data directly into your own accounting software.

24/7 Technical Assistance We’re always available when you need our assistance. Our friendly support team is standing by to take your call, day or night.


Please complete the information below.

Name ___________________________________ D.O.B_____________ SSN/SIN__________________. (Optional)

Address ________________________________________________________ City_________________ State/Province___________________ Zip/Postal Code ___________________________

Home Tel. ___________________ Work Tel. __________________ Fax Tel. _____________________Email__________________________ ______


I am [ ] unemployed [ ] self-employed [ ] employed [ ] retired

Employer ___________________________________________________________________________ 

Address _______________________________________________________________________ 

How long there? __________________ Years ___________________ months 

My residence is [ ] owned [ ] rented I have been at my present address for ____________________ year’s _____________________ months.

I am [ ] single [ ] married [ ] separated [ ] divorced [ ] widowed

I wish to be pre-qualified and referred to [ ] VFX Credit Card Processing Service Providers.


SIGNATURE______________________ PRINT NAME_____________________

Print and Scan completed Application. Email to for Processing.

OFFICE USE ONLY: RC#___________________________________PROCESSED__________________________ PREQUALIFIED__________________________REFERRED TO______________________ REJECTED______________________________FILE CLOSED________________________ REASON____________________________________________________________________

IDENTIFICATION PROVIDED: ___________________________________________________

VERIFIED by:____________________________________CSR Initials: ____________

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