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WFS TRADE EX. Commodities/Liquidation Specialists.


WFS TRADE EX is the one stop shop for Commodity Trades and Liquidation Products.

The recent  increase in the  Request for Quotes (RFQ) and Offers to Sell (OTS) from our Global Network of Buyers and Sellers have led to the launch of WFS Trade Exchange for Commodity Trades and Liquidation Products.

"When it must be sold now....... 

WFS TRADE EX is your Solution."

- Buyers are invited to submit their Request for Quotes. (RFQ)

- Sellers are invited to submit a brief synopsis of their Commodity Trades and Liquidation Inventory. (OTS)

- Trade Facilitators are invited to register with our Pre-qualified Resource Partners Database. 

Our simplified pre-qualification process, procedures for involvement, compensation plan and performance guarantee will motivate Buyers and Sellers  to engage our services.

Test Drive our services for 14 days for FREE.

Submit your Request For Quotes, Offer for Sale Listing and/or Trade Facilitator Profile for our review and approval.

Please contact us:- Leave your Comment below or complete our Contact us form for prompt response.

Serious inquiries are anticipated . 

 WFS Consultants are pleased to provide this Trade Exchange for Liquidation Inventory.


Ref# WFSTECAN1010      - Canada

Ref# WFSTEUS2010        - USA

Ref# WFSTE UK3010       - UK

Ref# WFSTE AP4010       - Asia-Pacific

Ref# WFSTE SA5010        - South Ameria

Ref# WFSTE Other6010   - All other Regions.

November 19, 2014.


Re: Attention Commodity Brokers:

Request for Quotes (RFQ): Wheat, Tobacco and Water.

Our Middle East client have submitted the following Request for Assistance. They are requesting quotes from reputable Commodity Brokers for the following Commodities:

- Wheat. 100 MT of wheat with a break down of  Protein @ 26 and up and Gluten @ 11 and up!

- Tobacco.  They would ideally like Raw Blend. Breakdown to be determined depending pending on availability. Any thing at this point even per packaged. 

                   Please Note. 70% of the population smokes so whatever is available they will take!

- Water. Ship Containers. To be bottled in the Middle East. They would ideally like a Canadian Spring given that Canada have a strong reputation with our cleanliness (purity).

Please submit your Corporate Profile and Procedures for Involvement  pre-qualification and consideration.

Your prompt , positive response is anticipated.

Sincerely yours,

Project Review Division.

WFS Trade EX.

Tel: 1 905 233 2322.

skype: urndirect. 

-WFS TRADE EX. Liquidation Specialists.

"When it must be sold now 


Kitchen and Bath Cabinets for sale. (Liquidation Prices.)

Please find below the information on the Kitchen and Bath Cabinets for sale.

We are seeking a qualified buyer who will move quickly.

Please give me your feedback, Request for Quotes and qualified referrals.

I appreciate your interest in assisting me with this request for buyers.

My contact also have access to very lucrative liquidation inventory in the clothing and other industries.

Thank you.


647 967 6302.

Toronto, Canada.

On Wednesday, October 9, 2013 12:41:34 PM, XXXXXX wrote:

  Hello Mr.Jay

Refer to our Telephone conversation please see following Cabinet  information

This is everything needed to be in the cabinet business.  Time is of the essence.

About 18 to 20 truckloads.  Includes over 3000 vanities + contact and confidential wholesale pricing direct to the factory in China in case you want to continue forward with the line.

2 attachments include 1 zip file with lots of pics of cabinets and warehouse + 1 xlsx file with complete inventory.  Use the tabs at the bottom to look at the different styles.

Kitchen & Bath cabinets. Attached are all the inventory lists by style. 

There is a lot going on here & I'll try to explain as quick, best and complete as possible.

The first (3) styles:  Highland Cherry, Highland Tuscan & Biltmore Cherry (Highland means flat face & Biltmore is raised panel) have an additional column which says "Container."  

This is a side deal, but is an incentive and great deal as well.  The container is a fill in order that was placed with the factory in China .    The inventory is all packaged and warehoused ,   There are 18 to 20 truckloads of goods.  The cabinets are flat stacked and factory packed with all the hardware included (hinges, drawer guilds etc.) and the doors are already attached to the frames with 5 point adjustable hinges (see picture).   plus attached doors and frames (Highland Tuscan) that were not part of the inventory. 

The actual direct import cost value of this inventory from China is $488,000 + over 100K for the 1600 frames and doors + 100K in shipping costs + pallet racking + tools + uninventoried items.

I estimate it would take about $750k to $800k to duplicate this offering. 

Wholesale is $1.5 million (what this company sold to builders for), retail approaches $3 million (what the builders sold it to homeowners for).   I'll follow this email with pictures, the last being the face frames.

Note. Offering price for whole  lot is $395000.00 include shipping.

All perfect first quality factory sealed boxes.  (except some of the BONUS frames as seen in attachments).

In the picture of the Light Maple it shows both Flat and Raised panel doors.

You'll also notice that the corners on both are a mitered 45.  Now if you'll look at the picture of the (Standard) Oak Cabinet you'll notice that the corners are a square butt type miter.  That's the difference between the Highland/Biltmore styles of doors and the Standard Maple and Oak. 

 Hopefully that helps clear up some of the details and why there are the number of listed styles.  Anything else, let me know?

Best Regards



7 Attachments




HI Jay,

I thought of you first … we are going to get something going yet this year if it is the last thing I do!

I have a GREAT promotional deal for you since the goods are already in Canada!

I have a Soft Shell jacket that arrived late to a customer, it is in a warehouse and I am willing to sell it to you at a truly advantageous price.

The photo is attached above  - Style # DLCM523436/ Photo 2436, sized S – XL (Canadian fit), 3429 pcs in 3 colors -1143 pcs of each color – Black/Tomato Red, Black/Charcoal Grey, Black/Black. 

Please call me back ASAP to discuss before I go elsewhere with the goods.




1 Attachment


Hello Jay




See 89 attached photos in zip file...

ALL NEW FIRST QUALITY, palletized and ready to ship. 

 If you need help with some good truck rates, let me know.




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