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WFS Consultants. Pawn Broker for the Wealthy Division - Windows of Opportunity


WFS Consultants is the “We Find Solutions Network".

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the management of WFS Consultants are the conduit – bringing Investors and Entrepreneurs together for Profit since 1998.

WFS Consultants provide Bridge and Expansion Financing Options through its Pre-qualified Funding/Resource Partners, Broker/Dealer Network and participating Investment Bankers.

WFS Consultants in conjunction with its Pre-qualified Funding Resource Partners have launched the Pawn Broker for the Wealthy Division – Monetize your Illiquid Assets Now. 

Total Discretion Assured.

Minimum available - US$50,000.00

Assets Considered. 


We have money available for yachts 50’ to 200’+. Selling your yacht on consignment? Get cash in your pocket now, while the vessel is being sold! We are ready when you are.


We have millions available for all types of aircraft. King Air, helicopter or Gulfstream it doesn’t matter. If you need money quickly it is available if you own an aircraft of value. Call us for more information. We are here to help you with your needs.


We have money available for gems. From a few karats to a million karats we have money available for diamonds, rubies & emeralds. Call today for more information.

Fine Art. 

If you own art of exceptional value, very rare or one of the original masters we have money available. From a few hundred thousand to the tens of millions we have money available. Call today for more information.

Unique Items of Value.

We will consider any asset of sizable value. From very rare antiques to treasure from the sea, we have money available. Call us with your needs; we will do our best to help you.


Procedures for Involvement.

1. Submit Request for Quote Documentation.

2.  Provide Summary of:-

- Asset with Certification of Authenticity.

- Current Appraised Value.

- Safekeeping Receipt. (SKR)

3.Execute KYC, MCA and Success Fees Agreement Documentation.

4. Submit Implementation Budget – US$2500.00 or .1% of total Funding Request.

Implementation Budget will be refunded from the negotiable Success Fees Bonus of 10%.

Contact us today to monetize your 



Pre-qualify at 1 866 927 4441. Extension #2




WFS Consultants information and content is exclusively for its Preferred Members and not meant to be a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security, products or services. WFS Consultants are not brokers, dealers or registered investment advisers and do not intend or attempt to influence the purchase or sale of any security, products or services.

WFS Consultants recommend that investors desiring to trade in securities do so cautiously and with the help of a personal financial advisor. We provide no responsibility for any loss caused by the material of any Participation Opportunity submitted by our clients.

WFS Consultants is not a banking institution or lender. We specialize in finding lifestyle enhancement solutions for our Preferred Members and bringing Investors and Entrepreneurs together, matching you with Entrepreneurs and/or Investors according to the information that you provide in the “WFS PREFERRED MEMBERS SUBSCRIPTION APPLICATION.

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