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RFQ for Wheat, Tobacco and Water.


Re: Attention Commodity Brokers:

Request for Quotes (RFQ): Wheat, Tobacco and Water.

Our Middle East client have submitted the following Request for Assistance. They are requesting quotes from reputable Commodity Brokers for the following Commodities:

- Wheat. 100 MT of wheat with a break down of  Protein @ 26 and up and Gluten @ 11 and up!

- Tobacco.  They would ideally like Raw Blend. Breakdown to be determined depending pending on availability. Any thing at this point even per packaged. 

                   Please Note. 70% of the population smokes so whatever is available they will take!

- Water. Ship Containers. To be bottled in the Middle East. They would ideally like a Canadian Spring given that Canada have a strong reputation with our cleanliness (purity).

Please submit your Corporate Profile and Procedures for Involvement  pre-qualification and consideration.

Your prompt , positive response is anticipated.

Sincerely yours,

Project Review Division.

WFS Trade EX.

Tel: 1 905 233 2322.

skype: urndirect. 

-WFS TRADE EX. Liquidation Specialists."When it must be sold now WFS TRADE EX is your Solution."  

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