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WFS Consultants - We Find Solutions." 

Request for Assistance. Referral Marketing Agreement and/or Strategic Alliance for Profit.

WFS Consultants  is an international management consultancy based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Since 1997, our primary focus is finding solutions for B2C and B2B clients who are seeking products and/or services from our Pre Qualified Business Resource Partners Network.

WFS Consultants are presently seeking  Strategic Alliances and/or Referral Marketing Agreements with Accredited Service Providers to develop and deploy the following Technology Platforms on behalf of our clients.

Targeted Accredited Service Providers.

1. Credit Repair Software Technology Firms.

2. Payments Processing and Technology Firms.

3. Crowdfunding Technology Platform Service Providers.

4. Business Development Consultants -  Ancillary Services, Service Providers.

5.Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy Service Providers. 


Synopsis of current Technology Platforms in Progress.

1. Rebuilding Your Credit Platfor


 "Rebuild your Credit Financing"

Our client is based in Montreal Quebec. Summary of their requirements are:- 

- They are seeking to source a Technology based Rebuilding Credit Platform for US and Canadian Clients.

- They are requesting a Branded Secured Credit Card  and /or Prepaid Debit Card with Payment Processing Gateway to reward their clients Credit Rebuilding Efforts.

- They will provide "Rebuild your Credit Financing"  (Line of Credit and Secured Loans) to employed clients who receive Direct Deposit Payments.

2. VFSN - DIY- CFT Platform. The Do It Yourself Crowdfunding Technology Platform.

The P2P Financing Solution for Entrepreneurs, Affinity Groups, Kingdom Ministries and SME. 

Our client is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Summary of their Requirements are:-

- Branded Crowdfunding Technology Platform Service Provider.

- Credit Repair Software Technology and Payments Processing and Technology Firms.

- Business Development Consultants - Ancillary Services, Service Providers.

- Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy Service Providers.

Please contact us for confidential information if required at

Your Proposals for involvement, Qualified referrals and Requests for more information are welcome.

Sincerely yours,

Project Review Division.

WFS Consultants.

"We Find Solutions." 

" The Future belongs to those who See possibilities, before they become Reality."

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