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Happy New Year 2014!!.New Short Stories Immediately. Read on.......

Happy New Year 2014!!.New Short Stories Immediately. Read on.......

On Monday, January 6, 2014 9:42:25 PM, New Blue Immediately <> wrote:

This newsletter is quite different than other newsletters.  We grow our following through word of mouth.  Also, you will find that about half of the messages we send out are for entertainment purposes only.  But, wait until you see what we are doing with the other half. 

When My Cell Phone Rings – Part 1 of 3

Bob always kept a stiff upper lip.  But, this month was bad.  After he paid his employees, he was pretty much broke.  He didn’t want to start dipping into his savings.  So, he was hoping to land a new client by the end of the week.  He was digging through a list of sales leads when he got a text message.  But, you’ll never guess who it came from.

It looked like the text was coming from Bobs own cell phone number.   The message said “rub me”.  Bob dismissed this ridiculous text.  Then, he put the cell phone down.  But, he got another text from the same phone number right away.  This one said “No seriously.  Rub your cell phone”.  At this point, Bob was willing to try anything.  He rubbed his cell phone.  Then puff.  A bearded genie appeared hovering above the water cooler. 

The genie told Bob that he would be granted three wishes.  But, he had to abide by the following three rules.  First, the wishes have to be related to Bob’s business.  Second, he can’t just ask for more customers.  Third, he can’t just ask for more money.  Bob thought that this could be the solution to his problem.

To be continued;

Before you close this email, I want to make sure that you are going to get parts two and three of this story.  Most of you probably received this message through an email forward.  Those people have to sign up for my New Newsletter Immediately if they want to read parts 2 and 3.  But first, you have to forward this email to every successful professional that you know.  You could be the first one to tell your friends about this.  

But, let’s try to keep this story in the winner’s circle.   Happy New Year!!

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