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Credit Card Service Providers required. Earn 25% of the PDA Service Fees.

bmw 2 prepay and drive away car rental promotion by wfs consultants. wfs consultants


Credit Card Service Providers required for Prepay and Drive Away - No Credit Card Required Car Rentals.

Earn 25% of the PDA Rental Contract Service Fees.

The Opportunity.

Prepay and Drive Away - No Credit Card Required Car Rentals is an exclusive Preferred Members benefit of WFS Marketing Consultants.

Through our professional network of Service Providers, WFS provide Lifestyle Enhancing Solutions for its B2B and B2C Networks.

The demand for the “Prepay and Drive Away Program” has created a unique cash flow solution for qualified Credit Card Service Providers.

How it Works.

Approved Credit Card Service Providers will assign a specific Credit Card to the "Prepay and Drive Away Program".

Selected Credit Card (Visa, MC, and American Express) must have a minimum available Credit Limit of $1500.00.

The assigned Credit Card will be pre-approved by the Auto Rental Service Providers and will guarantee the Preferred Members Car Rental Agreement.

The Client. (Preferred Members.)

The client will receive an estimated Rental Invoice and prepay the Auto Rental Estimate which will include the assessed Security Deposit.

The client will be given the Reservation Confirmation for the selected Auto Rental Service Provider. (See sample below.)

The client will submit the reservation confirmation; qualify for the Auto Rental Service Provider Terms and Conditions.

The Auto Rental Service Provider will then authorize the Rental Charges on the Credit Card of the Credit Card Service Provider.

The client will sign the Rental Agreement and Drive Away.Vehicle Return and Compensation.

Upon return of the vehicle to the Auto Rental Agency at the scheduled time, the total Rental Invoice is charged to the Credit Card.

The Credit Card Authorization is released from the Credit Card within 48 hours.

In 48 hours, the Auto Rental Service Provider Receipt is received, reconciled and sent to the client for acceptance.

The client will then accept or dispute the reconciliation and provide their banking coordinates for the Security Deposit Refund if applicable.

The net Auto Rental Charges and the 25% PDA Service Fees are deposited to the Credit Card Service Provider Banking Coordinates or Credit Card Account.

Procedures for Involvement.

-.Credit Card Service Providers must be an approved Preferred Member of WFS Marketing Consultants.

Option #1. Annual Membership. S199.00.

Option #2. One time use membership. $40.00. (Valid for one month.)

- Submit WFS Preferred Membership Application.

- Review and execute the Credit Card Service Provider/Mutual Confidentiality Agreement.

- Provide Credit Card Information for the Prepay and Drive Away Program.

- Submit Banking Coordinates for the payment of 25% of the PDA Rental Contract Service Fees.

Take Action Now.

Request your Preferred Members Application Today.

1 905 233 2322.

Here is a Sample Reservation Confirmation Proposal.

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your recent Auto Rent Inquiry.

Subject to your qualification and approval, we are prepared to assist you through our targeted Service Providers.

Attached please find the Fact Sheet and Preferred Members Subscription Application for your review and completion.

Below you will find a Reservation Confirmation from the selected Service Provider - ____________.

The total rental amount will be authorized by __________ on our authorized Credit Card.

You will also have unlimited kilometers for your driving pleasure.

If you require a Vehicle Upgrade, it must be authorized by our Corporate Offices.

Based on your decision to proceed, our credit card will be authorized by _______ for the vehicle rental agreement.T

he approximate cost will be:-

Vehicle Rental for ___ days is: $xxx.xx (see below).

WFS Preferred Membership $20.00 (One time use Special.)

WFS Service Fees: (10%) $xxx.xx (Special Promotion.)

Insurance coverage. $25.95/day. Included ($xxx.xx See below.)

Total: $xxx.xx

Refundable Security Deposit is $500.00

Total prepayment required is $xxx.xx

Please confirm your receipt of this email and your decision to proceed.

Payment can be made by :-

Email Funds Transfer or Corporate Bank Account. (to be provided)

Credit Card Service Provider: (to be provided)

Thank you for considering our unique service.

Sincerely yours,

WFS Marketing Consultants.

Preferred Members Services.

1 905 233 2322

P.S. You can use your own insurance coverage or buy____ Coverage at____/day. CD$xxx.xx.

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