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Buyer wanted for Caribbean Beachfront Property – Generous Referral Fee!!!

Subject: Buyer wanted for Caribbean Beachfront Property – Generous Referral Fee!!!

Hi J,

We are DIRECT LinkedIn connects and communicated a while back about this property...

Here is your

2nd chance to make a generous referral fee:

BUYER WANTED: 355 ACRES - 4.4 Mile Beach - Only $22 Million

beach front ,property for sale in caribbean for USFeatured-Participation-.html5M investment.

Our objective is to find a buyer for a 355 acre (~1.5 Mio Square Meter) property in the Dominican Republic that offers 4.4 Miles (~7.1KM) of Ocean Beach Front. This historic property is offered far below market value at only $22,000,000 ($10.41 per square meter compared to $50+). We also have a conservative bank estimate for around US $30.2 Million.

The listing price includes a 10% referral fee or about $2.2 Million* for any person or organization that connects us with the final buyer/investor. YOU do not need a real estate license - just connect us to the final buyer!

Detailed info to share with your customers:

Learn everything you need to know in this unmarked, revised presentation that you can forward to any interested party (be patient while the pages are loading): 

As you might have heard, the new government in the Dominican Republic took office mid-August and we have had some very positive changes. The new President has pledged to do everything in his power to DOUBLE the tourist arrivals in the DR. Any investment that involves tourism will be welcome and supported to the highest level!

Please check out additional information at the end of the presentation and if you have serious buyers submit a letter of intent together with a proof of funds to get the process rolling. It trust that you do your due diligence with interested parties as there are a lot of "interesting" people out there.

If this opportunity is not for you, please reply with "remove" and I will not share any similar opportunities with you in the future.

Thank you for your time!


T. N.

*Please Note:

This notice and the information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a contract. No commission is payable until a referral contract, identifying the potential buyer, is signed by both parties.  No commission is earned or owed until the potential buyer closes on the property and pays the purchase price in full.  We do not warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein.  It is up to each individual party to evaluate and investigate the property.

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