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Beryl Wolk Legacy. Count me in.

Dear Mr.Chaikind,

I thank you for the email and your commitment to keeping Beryls World! Marketing is Making It! Legacy. 

Like many of us, Beryl was an integral part of my success over the years since our Joint Venture Partnership in October 2001.

Beryl believed in me and our vision for a "One stop Business Resource Center for a Global Audience of Entrepreneurs."

His charismatic energy was contagious. He was always available to my clients and unconditionally shared his marketing wisdom and business connections.

Our first client together was the the-women-and-cancer-fund for which our funding resources provided the crucial seed financing. Today, Women and Cancer Fund."Linda McCartney Tribute Album a successful reality  

 We were also mandated to monetize Beryl Wolk Media Bonds Portfolio in 2002. Unfortunately, this financing  strategy was way ahead of its time.

I applaud you and your team on your decision to keep Beryl Wolk Legacy Alive. Count me in.

I have attached our website link for your review and inclusion in the Business Resource Network.

Please keep me informed of your progress and how I may be of assistance.

Sincerely yours,

J. Lewis.

Project Review Division.

WFS Consultants.

"We Find Solutions."

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