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Access Car Rentals. Prepay and Drive Away. The Surrogate Driver Solution.

Access Car Rentals. Prepay and Drive Away. The Surrogate Driver Solution.

Car Rentals for Persons without a Credit Card - the Surrogate Driver Solution.

 Don’t let a  Credit Card limit your travel plans. 

Just because you do not have a valid credit card or choose  not to use one doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the freedom of a personal car rental. 

Subject to your pre-qualification and pre approval,  the Surrogate Driver Program is available to Preferred Members of our Business Referrals Network. Prequalify Today!.

Our targeted Car Rental Agency Service Providers can approve the Surrogate Driver Program for Car Rentals. The key to securing the No Credit Card Required Surrogate Driver Car Rentals is pre-planning.  


Options for Involvement.

- Car Rental Agency Surrogate Driver Program:

How to Rent with a Surrogate Driver. No Credit Card Required. 

Provided the renter is personally and financially responsible,  Access Car Rentals can arrange a car rental contract that includes a designated or “surrogate” driver. The renter is then required to submit a copy of their chosen surrogate’s drivers license. The renter will be placed on the Rental Contract as an authorized Driver. 

The surrogate must be at least 25 years of age. Most surrogates are also required to be pre-qualified and pre-approved by Access Car Rentals. "Inquire how you can become a Surrogate Driver Today".

 While each car rental company’s procedure is slightly different, the renter is normally required to complete their reservation using a personal credit card, however Access car Rentals will pre-approve the renter to Prepay the estimated Car Rental Quote, Service Fees and required Cash Security Deposit.

- Car Rental Client: Access Car Rentals. 3 day Renewable Rental Option. Prepay Cash and Drive Away.

- Car Rental Agency: Pre-qualified, Regional, National and International Service Providers.

- Prepay and Drive Away - No Credit Card Required Car Rental  Agency Opportunity.

Act Now: Submit your request for involvement or a quote today. Pre-qualify Now!


-A Secured Credit Card. Accepted by Car Rental Agencies and more. PLUS - REPAIR YOUR CREDIT NOW!!

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