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Structured Financing Strategies – Credit Financing Facility.

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Structured Financing Strategies – Credit Financing Facility.

Corporate Profile

WFS Consultants is the "We Find Solutions" Network.

WFS Consultants are the preferred network for a global audience of Entrepreneurs seeking Financing Solutions.

The management of WFS Consultants has been bringing investors and entrepreneurs together for profit since February 1997. WFS Consultants are a private company and is funded by Participants who share WFS Consultants Vision.

Credit Financing Facility. Process & Procedures.

Providing Purchase Order and Account Receivables Financing Solutions for your Business Cash Flow Management needs.

- Perfect for the borrower who does not want the lengthy unpredictable underwriting associated with conventional lending procedures.

- Minimum Amounts considered: US$50,000.00.

- Maximum Amounts considered US$50 million.

Depending on the funding request and requirement of due diligence, the time frame for securing a LOI/Funding Commitment is five (5) Banking Days to approximately ninety (90) days.

- Submit your Funding Request to the Project Review Division. (PRD)

- Complete Customer Information Sheet.(CIS/KYC)

- Complete Funding Request Response Documentation:-

- 1. Funding Request Success Fee Agreement – 1.5% to 10%

- 2. Mutual Confidentiality Agreement.

Upon receipt of the foregoing requirements, the Project Review Division will review the application and schedule a conference call ASAP with the Client, Underwriter and/or Banker. PRD will prequalify the Funding Request.

Credit Insurance/Credit Facility Loan Applications will be sent to the client for completion and submission to the selected Credit Insurance Provider and Funding Resource Partner.

A further conference call with the client will be scheduled to discuss the Schedule of Events, Term Sheet and Closing of Transaction.

Supporting Financial Documentation will be requested from the client.

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