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WFS Consultants is the "We Find Solutions" Network.

WFS Consultants (WFS) are the preferred network for a global audience of Entrepreneurs who seek Financing Solutions. Due to the current economic climate, the Funding Requests Portfolio has grown exponentially as the more traditional funding/loan resources have disappeared or retracted their loan/investment programs.

WFS are a private company and was founded by its management in February 1997.The management of WFS brings investors and entrepreneurs together to promote profitable business ventures.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WFS is funded by participants who share WFS’s marketing vision.

Procedures for Subscribing to WFS Services.

The Funding, Participation and Income opportunities at WFS are exclusively available to Preferred Members of WFS Consultants.

The"application for subscription" must be submitted for review and approval.

Synopsis of WFS Consultants.

Along with an internal review for self-participation on projects, WFS Consultants prepares an “Interest Tender” and broadcast(s) all applications to its targeted, pre-qualified Funding Partners for their Proposals (consideration and review). Upon approval, a WFS Funding Partners will respond with a Term Sheet Offer.

Depending on the project and the time frame needed to complete all due diligence, most applications require anywhere from 5 to 90 banking days to obtain a Term Sheet. 

Minimum Funding Requestconsidered is US$100,000.00.

The management of WFS offers extensive experience and expertise in banking, loans, insurance guarantees and structured financing. In the past 5 years our Funding/Resource Partners have considered and funded projects related to Real Estate, Bridge Financing, Motion Pictures, Bio-Technology and various Structured Financing Strategies.

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